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Partnering with Campus Care

CampusCare provides your college or university with a unique telehealth program that meets the medical and mental health needs of your students and supports the student's educational journey.

  • Improves Retention
  • Coordinates with Your College Health Team
  • Provides General Medical & Mental Health Wellness
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U.S. Board-Certified Licensed Doctors & Mental Health Therapists

CampusCare provides students with access to the best providers of medical and mental health care.

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Secure Personal

All medical and mental health information is private and HIPAA protected.

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Doctors and Mental Health Therapists are available anytime, anywhere in the U.S. and Puerto Rico through the student’s preferred devices.

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No CoPays or
Additional Costs

All students pay a small fee at time of tuition (health fee) or colleges can pay through CARES funds or other sources.

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Student Awareness Campaigns

CampusCare creates customized health service awareness campaigns for your college that include but are not limited to:

  • College Website Integration
  • Text Messaging to Students
  • Push Notifications
  • Email Blasts
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CampusCare offers co-branding that coordinates with logos and the name of the college or university.

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Why Does Accessible Healthcare Matter?

When it comes to student healthcare, the numbers don't lie.

Over 44%

of college-age people are “Dissatisfied or Very Dissatisfied” with traditional healthcare, and 45% are “Dissatisfied or "Very Dissatisfied” with the cost.


of students have felt overwhelming anxiety or depression to the point of not being able to function.


of students worry about having enough money for school, 50% are concerned about monthly expenses, and 32% neglect their studies due to finances.


of college students reported suicidal ideation, and 41% of students reported major or moderate depression during the past year.


of college students who utilized CampusCare’s telehealth services would not have tried to seek face-to-face medical intervention.


of students believe that mental health problems have impacted their education.

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For many, the availability of qualified counselors is few and far between, and physical or mental health issues often occur after hours.

Money and Pills

Students oftentimes feel stigmatized for feeling ill, or ashamed to visit the student infirmary for fear of judgment. By relying on Urgent Care or the ER to treat them, students may fail to go due to cost restraints.

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The New Modern is Through Telehealth

What do today’s students expect? Easy access. CampusCare delivers.

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What About Low Pricing?

We're the equivalent of a fast food burger per month!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does CampusCare’s system function on computers, tablets, and hand-held devices (phones) with Microsoft Windows, Apple (macOS and iOS), and Google (Chrome and Android) operating systems and is it compatible and responsive within all major web-browsers on the previously mentioned devices?

A. Yes, Students enrolled in CampusCare’s suite of services will have a single access point to reach the service(s) desired. An application is available for download through the “App Store” (for iOS) and “Google Play” (for Android).

Q. Does CampusCare offer a diverse pool of providers from which to choose from (race/ethnicity, bi/multilingual, gender, etc.) ?

A. For all medical visits with a physician, students can choose a physician based on specific areas of certification i.e. primary care physician; family medicine; or other specific areas of certification. Students may also choose a physician based on gender, LGBTQ sensitivity, and other options.

Q. Does CampusCare provide customizable branding through media and print materials for the College or University?

A. Yes.

Q. How will CampusCare partner with my institution to provide awareness of services to the student population?

A. CampusCare will provide seamless tools in digital media, text blasts, email campaigns, integration into your website, push notifications, and other various awareness campaigns for the students to utilize the services.

Q. Does CampusCare provide IT support for the technology platform and services?

A. Yes.

Q. Are CampusCare services confidential?

A. YES, federal and state laws govern confidentiality. CampusCare protocols strictly adhere to legal, medical and ethical directives.

Q. Are there any additional per-visit co-pays, extra fees, or additional costs of any kind?

A. No

Q. How does CampusCare support mental wellness?

A. Students can call Mental Health Therapists 24/7 for immediate crisis management, consultations, assessments and resource identification. For further, in-depth treatment, Students can access Counselors, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists via ongoing appointments.

Q. CampusCare doctors and counselors provide 24/7 on demand care. What does that mean?

A. Access to doctors and counselors is available on a 24/7 basis while the student is enrolled in school and during holidays (either traditional on-campus setting or online curriculum).

Q. How are CampusCare’s services paid for?

A. Our services are typically paid by the students to the school as cost of admission through a student health services fee. The school then pays CampusCare as specified in the contract. The school may also elect to pay for the services directly, without student payment.

Q. Can CampusCare Provide Continuity of Care During Semester Breaks and Summer Months?

A. YES, Colleges and Universities may opt in to continue with student’s telehealth services 12 months out of the year.