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Telehealth Access for the “Typical” College Student

Better Medical Health & Mental Health
= Better Students & Student Retention

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What Do All Students Have In Common?

You know it! We know it! College students are typically “atypical”. But guess what? ALL students need access to general medical and mental healthcare.

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Flu, allergies, sore throat, sinus infections, anxiety, depression, stress, cultural differences, etc. are common medical and mental challenges for ALL students.

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Healthcare Doesn't Have To Be A Headache For Students

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Students can rely on a text, talk and video based platform that provides 24/7/365 fast, easy, and private access to licensed and board-certified physicians and mental health therapists.

No waiting for days or weeks for an appointment, no automated calls, no waiting rooms, no contagion or worry, no embarrassment or stigma, and no hassle.

Connect with CampusCare
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Healthy Students, Better Results

CampusCare seamlessly engages students through the college website, emails, text messages, and coordinated marketing with student services, onsite school counselors and other administrative staff.

CampusCare Telehealth General Medical Care

Access by phone (text or talk) or online video to U.S. licensed and board-certified doctors anytime (24/7/365), anywhere for treating common medical conditions. Doctors begin a session immediately or within a short matter of minutes. IF prescriptions are medically necessary the doctor will send the prescription to the student’s pharmacy. Qualified doctors are on standby to support student’s general medical care.

On-Demand Mental Health

Students can pick up the phone any time of the day or night (24/7/365) to speak to a licensed Mental Health Therapist regarding stress, anxiety, panic attacks, grief, financial stress, family issues and more. Mental Health Therapists are immediately available and will follow up and monitor progress until the student is satisfied. Mental Health Therapists will refer students for appointment based Mental Health Sessions as needed or requested.

Behavioral Health

Students can access Mental Health Therapists through scheduled visits for longer term treatment of mental health challenges. Students can choose the Mental Health Therapist of their choice from a wide array of options including the Mental Health Therapist’s area of expertise, gender, race, LGBTQ and more. Medication management as needed.

Additional Resources for the “Typical” Student Lifestyle

Additional resources are available.

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Fulfilling Colleges' DEI Needs

With comprehensive solutions based on cultural relevance, CampusCare provides the right type of support for students of all backgrounds. Our bilingual therapists complement Hispanic serving institutes through our services offered in Spanish. CampusCare works hand-and-hand with college health and counseling team to support holistic wellness.

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Empower, Educate & Protect Students!

Healthier lives and better outcomes = a positive student experience.

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